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Our Cause

SCD worsens overtime, with a high mortality rate of children and youths diagnosed with the disease in Cameroon and other affected countries. There are available treatments to prevent complications of SCD, which is not affordable by most families in Cameroon.  

Emeli's Smile foundation has been established to raise awareness of SCD, provide financial support to sickle cell patients and their families to help offset hospital bills and  medications, and purchase impregnated mosquito nets, which will be donated to sickle cell warriors in Cameroon and other African countries.


Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) affects many people across the globe, mostly common with people with ancestral links to Africa, Mediterranean countries, India, Saudi Arabia, Central and South America, and the Caribbeans. According to the American Anthropological Association, the gene variant that causes SCD, evolved as a result of its resistance to malaria. Cases of SCD is often found in persons with the aforementioned ancestral linkage because these geographical regions are prone to malaria. The gene variant for SCD is related to malaria, not skin color. In summary, where there is malaria, there is Sickle Cell. 

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