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2nd Edition Feed A Warrior Today - Sept. 2020

The Feed a Warrior Today project was inspired by the 5 A Day campaign, which recommends eating a variety of fruits and vegetables daily, as part of a balanced diet; a very important element of Healthy Eating. The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises that we eat a minimum of 400g of fruits and vegetables every day (5 portions). This recommended daily intake is expected to reduce the risk of serious health conditions.

For individuals living with health conditions like Sickle Cell Disease, COVID-19 outbreak puts you at a greater risk of being ill. Hence, it is very important that you eat not only healthy, but also incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your meals. This would help boost your immune system.


MUTENGENE - Report by Bongatan Zacks (Volunteer) - 5th Sept. 2020

This was a very successful event and the team was opportune to serve 50 sickle cell warriors.

BAFOUSSAM - Report by Jam Emile (Volunteer) - 12th Sept. 2020

This project was carried out at the Bingo Baptist Hospital , Bafoussam. It was an amazing project with about 10 warriors. This project was carried out by Jam Emile and Dr. Bela Ode. There were some questions asked by warriors. Some of the questions were :

- Is Nora really a warrior and why is she that chubby?

- How does she manage to fly out because we hear heights ain't good for warriors

- Can the foundation show cases who are in Cameroon to make it more realistic?

- Can the foundation come around more often

For more details, visit our facebook link :

YAOUNDE - Reports by Tembeick Julius (Projects Co-ordinator) - 19th Sept. 2020

This project was carried out at the Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital Yaounde on the 19th Sept 2020. It was an amazing project and we were opportune to serve 75 warriors. We had a few warriors in admission and most of them were meeting for their monthly routines. The medical practitioners were very happy to see such an initiative and they pleaded with us to come more often because it made the warriors feel loved and cared for. You can find video clips on how the day went on our Facebook page here :

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