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3rd Edition Feed A Warrior Today - Dec. 2020

The Feed a Warrior Today project was inspired by the 5 A Day campaign, which recommends eating a variety of fruits and vegetables daily, as part of a balanced diet; a very important element of Healthy Eating. The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises that we eat a minimum of 400g of fruits and vegetables every day (5 portions). This recommended daily intake is expected to reduce the risk of serious health conditions.

For individuals living with health conditions like Sickle Cell Disease, COVID-19 outbreak puts you at a greater risk of being ill. Hence, it is very important that you eat not only healthy, but also incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your meals. This would help boost your immune system.


GAROUA - Report by Tembeick Julius (Volunteer) - 12th Dec. 2020

It was not an easy journey to GAROUA, the North Region of Cameroon on the 12th December 2020.

Our stopping point was the Garoua Regional Hospital where we carried out this project (FEED A WARRIOR TODAY ) which started with a roundtable participatory discussion about sickle cell disease. In attendance were different stakeholders; sickle patients, parents and caregivers, medical doctors, the executives of the Sickle cell association in Garoua, Civil society (Emeli's Smile Sickle Cell Foundation) and a traditional authority from the Muslim community who acted in dual capacity...

We presented the project, diagnosed problems, set recommendations, established strong relationship with the different stakeholders.

Also, an action plan for 2021 was adopted to help sickle cell patients nation wide.

"FEED A WARRIOR TODAY" Project is a project aimed at distributing fruits and vegetables to Sickle Cell patients (warriors), raising awareness and encouraging parents and care givers to keep boosting the health condition of these warriors through the provision of these fruits and vegetables.

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