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Giving Hope at Christmas and Beyond

Putting smiles on the faces of Sickle Cell warriors, one at a time.

APISCAM healthcare staff providing medical review to Sickle Cell warriors at their end of year Health Fair and Christmas Party

With the help of our generous donors, we were able to lend a helping hand to our fellow warriors in Cameroon who needed our support. Through networking, I introduced to Mrs Evelyn Agwetang, the founder of the Association of Sickle Cell Persons in Cameroon (ASIPCAM). We will like to share the story with you, accompanied with a few pictures below from the event.

Background Mrs Evelyn Agwetang had been running a health centre for many years in Cameroon. She had a faithful sponsor and donor based in the UK. This lady helped build up the centre, provided two Jeeps, and a few computers for use at the center. The centre had over 500 registered warriors. Sadly, this lady passed away. Not only did the donations stop, the deceased's family members, went to the center and seized every single item the lady had donated to the centre, leaving them with nothing. As a result, the centre collapsed and all the registered Sickle Cell warriors had to move on with no support.

Despite these challenges, the representative in Cameroon after a few years who has the heart for Sickle Cell warriors, with the help of some friends, saved up money, and re-opened the center. The center was named ASIPCAM, which now has over 200 registered warriors. ASIPCAM does not only cater to the warriors, but also supports the doctors and nurses who come to assist with medical reviews and vital sign checks.

What happened?

ASIPCAM organizes monthly Health Fairs for the Sickle Cell warriors. Unfortunately, they had run out of funds and were planning on notifying the children they would not be having their monthly medical review for the month of December, as well as the Christmas Party they always look forward to. Before they could make this announcement, we got connected.

How did we help?

With the support of Emeli's Smile, ASIPCAM was able to hold the monthly Health Fair and Christmas party on December 1, 2018 for the Sickle Cell warriors in Bamenda. At this event, the staff distributed basic antibiotics, pain medications, and the patients received their end of year medical assessments.


A special thank you to all our Donors. Because of you, this event was made possible and you put a smile on the faces of these Sickle Cell warriors. May God continue to bless you.

Thank you Yensi Helen, CEO of Hope Centre, for all the effort you put in to make this project a success.

If you will love to support the work we do, you may make a donation by visiting our website, Thank you!


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