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Happy World Sickle Cell Day

JUNE 19, 2021


June 19, is the World Sickle Cell Day – a day of raising awareness!

Sickle Cell Disease is a group of inherited blood cell disorders.

World Sickle Cell Day is a United Nation’s recognised day to raise awareness of sickle cell at a national and international level. On 22nd December 2008, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that recognises sickle cell disease as a public health problem and “one of the world’s foremost genetic diseases.” The resolution calls for members to raise awareness of sickle cell on June 19th of each year at national and international level.

In Cameroon, around 20-25% of the population carries the sickle cell trait and the prevalence of the disease is estimated at 0.6 % in the general population. It is also estimated that almost 4000 babies will be born with a major sickle cell syndrome each year.

That's why it's very important to know your genotype so you can make informed choices while choosing a life partner and help us break the sickle cycle.

Wear Red and let's celebrate with all the warriors

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